Supports more than 50 Chains!

What can this bot do?

Skeleton Price Bot shows your tokens details in your group chat like:

  • Token Name and Ticker
  • Contract Address
  • Marketcap
  • USD Price
  • Liqudity
  • 24H Volume
  • 5Minutes, 1 Hour, 24Hours Price Change
  • 24 Transaction count
  • Minichart

You can add custom messages, Your Telegram link, Website link, Custom swap link.

How to use the bot?

Single Token Mode (Your own project)

  1. Add Skeleton Price Bot to your telegram group
  2. Make it Admin
  3. Type /set_token command and the token contract address. Example: set_token 0xb0688E82D162Df5288A0D986DfFd4CF80AFb7897
  4. To call the price bot type /price or /chart or simple /p or /c /i

Multi Token Mode (Lounges, Shills)

  1. Add Skeleton Price Bot to your telegram group
  2. Make it Admin
  3. First type: /set_token and a desired token Example: /set_token 0xb0688e82d162df5288a0d986dffd4cf80afb7897
  4. Type /enable_all_tokens command. With this you can check every single supported tokens.
  5. To call the price bot type /p or /c or /i and the contract address.                                                       Example: /p 0xb0688E82D162Df5288A0D986DfFd4CF80AFb7897
  6. You can also call the price on ticker! Example: /p skeleton /i skeleton /c skeleton
  7. You can disable multi token mode by type: /disable_all_tokens

Custom Links (Single Token Mode)

  1. You can add Custom Message to the bot. Type: /set_message +your message.                                  Example: /set_message Defiskeletons to the moon!
  2. You can add your telegram link to the bot. Type: /set_telegram + your telegram in…. form.  Example: /set_telegram
  3. You can add your website link. Type: /set_website + your website link                                                  Example: /set_website
  4. You can add custom swap link on whatever blockchain your token is. Type: /set_swap + the directlink to the exchange your token can be traded. Example: /set_swap

You can Test the Bot.

You can Test the Bot. Join the Skeleton Price bot Test Group and simple type: /price and any desired contract address from any supported Blockchains.

The Skeleton Multichain Trending Channel

We are launching a Telegram Multichain trending channel where we list tokens which added and paired our pricebot in their telegram group.

There are 3 list where tokens can be listed compared to their volume or gain and loss.
It's a new feature, be early on this.

How to get on the Channel?

- Add the skeleton multichain price bot to your telegram group
- Set your token to the bot by /set_token
-Set telegram link by Set_telegram

Like so you paired your token and telegram to the bot, so if your trading volume or gain/loss ratio is enough, you can get on the trending channel and can be seen by users.

Also your tokens price requests getting forwarded to the trending channel. 1 forward/5 minutes automatically allowed and forwarding.

If your token is trending, it appears also on the bot like: Trending #2