Hype your Community non-stop and Spread the Word together with your holders!

What can this bot do?

The Raid leader bot is an automated hype man/raid leader in your telegram group. You can set-up a whole list with target links. The bot will randomly choose 1 in the desired time interval and send it to your telegram group with your customized message. 

  • You can add unlimited targets. Telegram groups, lounges, Twitter accounts, websites to the bot 
  • You can customize the Raid interval. How often should the bot put a link to your group to raid with the community.
  • You can customize Raid lead message. Example: Let’s work together community” Soft-Shill in this lounge:

You don’t need to do the 3…2…1 let’s raid here work by yourself anymore, you don’t need to hire hype man for this task.

How to Set-up the bot?

  1. Add Skeleton Telegram Raid Bot to yout telegram group https://t.me/ShillRaidLeaderBot
  2. Make it Admin
  3. Type /help to check commands


  1. /add_link  With this command you can add the desired link you want to be sent randomly to your group by the bot. You can add one by one or you can add a whole list at once. Important! If you add a whole list be sure to add a space between the links! The links must be added in https:// format. Example: /add_link https://t.me/coinskeleton
  2. /remove_link You can remove links with this command. Important! You can remove links one by one! Example: /remove_link https://t.me/coinskeleton
  3. /set_raid_message  With this command you can customize the Raid message is shown when bot pop up a link to raid. Example: /set_messaage Important Task Community! Go here and soft shill. 
  4. /set_interval With this command you can set how ofter the bot send raid message and link to your group. You have to set it in minutes! example: /set_interval 5
  5. /get_info With this command you can show the actual bot setup
  6. /start_raid With this command you start up the bot after you made the setup
  7. /stop_raid With this command you stop the raid. The setups keep saved, so if you restart later it continues.