The Coinskeleton Token

The coinskeleton token is a deflationary reward token on Binance smart chain.

Holders earn 4% Defiskeletons Token as Reward which is the utility token drives the skeleton dapps dashboard. 

Holders of Coinskeleton token having huge benefits.

  1. Defiskeletons token reward
  2. Staking 
  3. Discounted marketing fees (for developers, project founders)
  4. Free project listing on coinskeleton (for developers, project owners. Even after listing fee is going to be added)
  5. Discounted usage of the upcoming Coinskeleton launchpad.
  6. Free Listing for marketing partners on the verifies CS partners list who hold Coinskeleton token

The Tokenomics Modell

Token Distribution

Trading Tax Description

On Both Buy and Sell Transactions 12% tax will be applyed

Marketing and Development Fee
Defiskeletons Token Reward
Liqudity Fee