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  • 24h Vol: $41.20 B
  • BTC Dominance: 44.81%
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About Tikky Inu (TIKKY)

Compensation applications have been popular in recent months. We’ve got the Play2Earns, the Move2Earns, the
Read2Earns, the Watch2Earns, and whole plethora of other rewards-based systems that aim to empower users for
simply utilizing functions which they usually do, and sometimes take for granted, on a daily basis. Such is the spirit of
decentralization, which is an integral component of the Web 3.0 movement – giving the power back to the user by
making him (or her, of course) the focal point of every undertaking.
This is the core concept of Tikky Inu – to harness the huge userbase of one of the most ubiquitous social media
platforms today by paying them for something they love to do: upload TikTok videos. Given the large number of
TikTok signees, the success of our project, in our humble estimation, is more than guaranteed. With millions of
TikTokers and with hundreds of thousands of videos uploaded every hour, we are very confident that the app we
want to launch will thrive. Furthermore, with the sheer volume of activity that we are anticipating, the token that will
govern its implementation will likewise benefit immensely. The numbers do not lie. Statistics favor us.
In the pages to come, you will get to know what Tikky Inu is all about, how it will work, its roadmap to success and
why TODAY is the best time to invest on this once-in-a-generation opportunity.
We hope that this whitepaper will enlighten you and answer all the questions you have. And if, by some chance, you’ll
still have some queries, please do feel free to contact us through the channels that will be provided and we will be
more than happy to answer them for you.
Welcome aboard and let’s get ready for an amazing ride ahead!


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Tikky Swap with cashback and rewards system is under development. Come and join our community to know more about us: https://t.me/tikkyinu #Tikkyinu #TIKKYINUTOTHEMOON

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