• Market Cap: $855.75 B
  • 24h Vol: $46.45 B
  • BTC Dominance: 36.45%
Market Cap Price Change 5M Change 1H Change 6H Change 24H Liquidity Volume 24H
$609,961 $0.0000007256 0% 0% 0% -6.54% $296,098 $816
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Initial Marketcap
Migration from Earnpay

About RocketFi (ROCKETFI)

RocketFi is a Binance Smart Chain rewards token on a mission to create innovative and user-friendly web3 tools. With the RocketFi token, users can engage with the dApp and diversify their rewards through Smart Rewards. These rewards include multiple Binance pegged blue-chip tokens as well as over 30 other tokens on the BSC Network. The token will power our rewards DEX, FloatieSwap, and be an integral part of the Wallet app in development. We were the original TrueBurn given to the holders. Our holders can burn their tokens in lottery style sytem and earn reflections from the tokens they have burnt. These tokens are destroyed and removed from the total supply (not sent to a dead wallet). We also have a reward pool for buys, so any buys over 50Million RocketFi instantly rolls for a chance to win it. Also on transfers over 10Million you claim the PayBoost Pool. To truly understand go to RocketFi.app.

Additionally, Smart Rewards can split their reflections into multiple tokens. This unique way of diversifying rewards gives token holders the benefits of staking without having to lock up their tokens. Our current tokenomics are 6% on buys and 9% on sells, transfers are 0%. We also have our revolutionary SMART Codes, they allow you to use as a referral and buy RocketFi at a reduced rate of 4% buy tax. These codes are also used to send crypto with instead of using someone’s wallet address to send crypto, with more utilities to be announced. Our Wallet will include our Swap and current dApp capabilities loaded in and will be a high quality wallet with everything in it and more.


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