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About RektCity (BITCH)

RektCity has revolutionized the world of crypto by introducing the first metaverse ecosystem of its kind designed to align 100% with investors. 80% of all profits generated by our Ecosystem of cutting-edge utilities will be used to buy back & burn $BITCH. 20% will be used to help circulate the project over a wide array of communities. This will result in more tokenholder rewards, more positive price action, and less total circulating supply eligible to receive rewards.

With consistent updates and community involvement, our dApp and metaverse presence will consist of an entire virtual planet to house all of our utilities, games, tools, and passive income growers. Armed with our moonboy astronauts, the dApp platform allows holders to use the various tools and in-world Kiosks view rewards generated in real-time. This is just the beginning, we have only scratched the surface of the plan for RektCity!

Our team is dedicated, hardworking, and together a perfect mix of brains and stamina. Our community is well-aware of our ability to deliver new floors and accomplish all our goals.


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