• Market Cap: $854.69 B
  • 24h Vol: $46.14 B
  • BTC Dominance: 36.47%
Market Cap Price Change 5M Change 1H Change 6H Change 24H Liquidity Volume 24H
$2,886 $0.000000002882 0% 0% 0% 0% $4 $0
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About Ramble

What is Ramble (RMB)?

Ramble is a meme token based on the Binance Smart Chain which will provide very low fees and faster transactions!

Ramble is here to provide to its users a new transformed meme token that will have all the functionalities that all the current meme tokens have combined and also to provide a more reliable environment into the web 3.0 world!

Who Are the Founders of RAMBLE?

The Ramblepaper has three reasons why their team created RMB:

1. “We started from zero,with nothing.

“2.”The creative minds behind Ramble had never collaborated before.

“3.”We love to Ramble around the world.”

What Makes Ramble Unique?

The goal for Ramble is to be a project that is related 100% to it’s community and to have no need for central leadership!

How Many Ramble (RMB) Coins Are There in Circulation?

The Ramblepaper notes that they locked 60% of the supply on Pancakeswap, and “threw the keys away”The remaining 30% is locked for a long time in a vault and the other 10% will be used for growth purposes only (marketing,partnerships,etc)!!!

Where Can You Buy Ramble (RMB)?

For now it is possible to buy Ramble only on Pancakeswap!


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