• Market Cap: $854.73 B
  • 24h Vol: $46.69 B
  • BTC Dominance: 36.47%
Market Cap Price Change 5M Change 1H Change 6H Change 24H Liquidity Volume 24H
$3,744,600 $0.00004254 0% 0% 0.11% -6.74% $708,172 $4,345
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About Lunatics (LunaT)

Lunatics-hyper-deflationary token

Dedicated to rewarding holders in Luna Classic, burning the supply of Luna Classic and creating a Classic Lunatics range of NFTS.

Lunatics token has become one of the largest burning mechanism of Terra Luna Classic within 9 days from Launch! Currently Lunatics token has burnt over 2 Billion #LUNC and we are only just getting started.

Lunatics is an obscure, totally unique project that is hyper-deflationary and is designed to both Reward Lunatics holders in Luna Classic and Burn the supply of Terra Luna Classic.

We are a Community of Lunatics Dedicating our project to burning the supply of Luna Classic.
Since Our main focus is reducing the supply of Luna Classic, all of our utilities will assist with those burns. Our contract automatically burns Luna Classic. Plus more to come in the future

From the beginning, we wanted to bring a project together, to not only BURN Luna Classic, but to also reward our holders WITH Luna Classic. What you decide to do with your rewards, is up to each individual. You can keep it, sell it, or our personal favourite, stake it with our validator, to help further support Luna Classic!!

The contract will buy Luna Classic Tokens and send to the designated Burn Wallet on every buy/sell. These Luna Classic Tokens will be in a multisig wallet for added security. We will send the Luna Classic Tokens to the Terra Luna Classic Dead Wallet and burn those tokens Live on Twitter and YouTube.


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News From Twitter

Listen to LUNATICS & DTC GROUP AMA RECORDING and KNOW ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAv2QKjipCM
#lunatics #lunaticstoken #lunc #lunaclassic #terra $terraluna #terra2.0 #cryptonews #cryptotrading

Our new tax structure is LIVE on @LBank_Exchange, @coin_inn, #EVERSWAP #PancakeSwap

2% Buy/SELL on CEX

#wearelunatics #LUNATICSTOKEN #LUNAT

The Top Burners of $LUNC coin are these:

1)- @binance
2)- OnChain Burn Tax
3)- @LunaticsToken
4)- @MEXC_Global
6)- @Allnodes

Total of 28.5b #LUNC got burned so far. More burn to come follow for more updates & RT.

#Lunccommunity #LUNCBURN #BinanceLUNC #USTC #LUNA

‼️ Ready to leave earth?Metaverse is being built for us right now. @ExoOurUniverse has released land plots for only 300,000 #lunc , head over to the @miata_io launchpad to grab yours today!! Exodus official discord. #lunc #Bcs #games @DuncanGray @ExoOurUniverse @LunaticsToken

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