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About French Connection Finance

French Connection Finance is all about “Empowering Crypto.” As a utility-first crypto company, we launched our crypto payment gateway for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar stores called FCF Pay in February 2022, bridging the gap between crypto and commerce. We empower cryptocurrency holders by allowing them to purchase goods and services through our fully-encrypted cryptocurrency payment gateway. Merchants can accept payment in a wide range of cryptocurrencies, via a fiat to crypto credit/debit card on-ramp or even bank transfer. They can also convert it simply and easily to fiat. This is all made simple by our easy-to-use dashboard.


$FCF is our Revenue Sharing Token (RST). All $FCF RST holders get rewarded with fully automated dividends, paid in BNB every 24 hours. These dividends come from a share of the $FCF RST token transaction tax, as well as a share of every transaction fee from FCF Pay, allowing holders to earn passive income while benefiting from the rising price of $FCF RST. Over 1 million USD worth of dividends has been disbursed to holders so far. French Connection Finance was recently recognized as the Most Innovative Project 2022 at the Crypto Expo Dubai. $FCF RST is Certik verified, registered in Canada and has a fully doxxed CEO and team.


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News From Twitter

$SHIB, $BONE, $LEASH added to virtual prepaid cards by @fcfpay. #shibarmy

Most Used #Cryptocurrencies On FCF Pay (Jan 2023)

1) $USDT on #TRON
2) $BUSD on #BSC
3) #USDT on #Ethereum
4) #USDT on #BSC
5) #Ethereum
6) #BNB
7) $USDC on #Polygon
8) #USDC on #Avalanche
9) #Bitcoin
10) Others

👀 Observations:

- #BTC in top 10
- Little #Memecoin volume

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