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About CompetitionBuyBot (CBB)

Cbb is a buy and Competition bot that buys and burns $10-$100 worth of your token when added to the group chat.
Cbb will also buy and burn any token that trends in top 3.

Cbb currently supports three main types of competition which are biggest buy, last buy and longest holder.

Cbb also provides a website where users can have explicit views of different kinds of competitions including the active and previous ones.


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News From Twitter

Dear all,
We're adding more computing power to our node servers due to the fast growth and usage.

As you know our buybot has a unique website which is very accessed on daily basis. With such features come great responsibilities.

Meanwhile, all features will remain accessible except buy posts.

We'll be back online and stronger

Thanks for your patience. 🦾

New update from $CBB

🔐 Liquidity extended to October.

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