Who we are, what we do?

Coinskeleton is a cryptocurrency indexing site part of the defiskeletons ecosystem. 

This cryptocurrency listing and indexing site was built in the same ethos as defiskeletons working. Support every single project and user.

That’s why we decided to design the main listing page as a random shuffling list. It means the order of projects on the main page changing by every page reload. It results that a token with 30k marcketcap can be first, just like a coin with 300m marketcap. We aim to add opportunity to every project to be visible on the site. Not only if they are trending or getting the most likes.

Reason? A startup can be at least as valuable like the aged ones.

About Defiskeletons Team an Token.

Project Defiskeletons launched on 12th may 2022 on binance smart chain whit the goal to develop useful tools for safe cryptocurrency trading. In the defiskeletons portfolio users can find:

Defiskeletons bep 20 token ($Skeleton)

Skeleton Wallet. Non Custodial wallet with 2pa authentication. This wallet has 10+ exchange integration to support quick trading. https://defiskeletons.com/skeletonswap/#/

Staking Platform. A platform which launches different pools to earn tokens or stable coins by holding Skeleton token https://defiskeletons.com/staking-platform/

Portfolio Tracker. The tool helps to track your wallets portfolio live with price and mc updates. Up to 4 wallets support. (Currently only for BSC) https://dapp.defiskeletons.com/portfolio-tracker

Contract Analyzer. A tool that helps you analyze the contract of a token to reduce the possibility to be scammed. Powered by RugDoc. Note! Allways Dyor! No Rug Anal√©yzer can give you 100% safety! https://dapp.defiskeletons.com/tokens

Watchlist. A tool where you can add unlimited ammount of tokens to track their price movements and actions live! (Currently only for BSC) https://dapp.defiskeletons.com/watchlist

Multichart. A tool that allows you to add up to 6 multiple chart and track them live on one screen. https://dapp.defiskeletons.com/multichart

Buy Crypto with Fiat. A Ramp powered exchange integration on skeleton dapps helps you to buy crypto with your Fiat Currency

You can find the Skeleton dapps dashboard on: https://dapp.defiskeletons.com/dashboard